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Whether you want to get to the airport in comfort or you are looking to use the time between appointments most effectively, let Metropolitan Limousines help you reach your destination. You can either give us your itinerary for planning or simply tell the driver where you need to be.   Let our customer service and operational excellence help you do your work. 





Transfer Service

Time is precious. So when every minute counts, it is great to know that Metropolitan Limousines is ready and waiting for you at the airport. As you continue your journey, we ensure you reach your destination in absolute comfort and safety.  

Our Service:

Airports transfers
General aviation
Meet and greet
Luggage transfers
Trains station transfers


Standby Service

Enjoy the reliable mobility of Metropolitan Limousines. From office to meeting or from the hotel to the trade fair, we will gladly take you from door to door. Our service is direct, reliable and punctual, and allows you to make more efficient use of your time. So you are free to work, use your phone or simply relax. Forget about planes, trains and taxis with this comfortable and safe alternative.

Our Service:

Within cities
From city to city
To and from airports
To and from any location
Fixed rates


Roadshow Service

Frankfurt today. New York tomorrow. Hong Hong the next day?

For international travelers, our specially trained drivers are ready to serve the moment your arrive at the airport. Wherever you go in the world Metropolitan Limousines with its global partners across five continents is always prepared to fulfill your wishes.  

Our Service:

Tailor made approach
Dedicated roadshow team
Complete organization
Schedule handling
Catering service
Central invoicing
International network








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Event & Meeting Service

Need just a single limousines? Or perhaps several? Our event and meeting service provides planning and implementation support. Metropolitan Limousines is flexible enough to meet your needs should circumstances change. 

Our Service: Galas and soirees Meetings Events with up to 150 limousines



Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of a limousine service? But in your own car?

No problem. Metropolitan Limousines gives you the oppertunity to make use of our highly professional drivers. They are trained on all major vehicles and brands. For your safety they have all completed a driver safety training.

Our drivers have perfect manners, multiple language skills and know their city by heart.

Let them take you whenever and whereever you need to go. In a place that is very familiar to you. Your car.


Medical Service

Let Metropolitan Limousines provide you with an all-inclusive service throughout your stay. We’ll take good care of  you from the hotel to the hospital and back. Our long wheelbase vehicles are ideal for trips to the hospital or rehabilitation facility. If requested we can have a nurse or doctor accompany you on your trips. Of course we can also make appointments with doctors, hospitals and therapists for you, so you can fully concentrate on your recovery.

If you are not alone, we can accompany your family and friends. Let Metropolitan Limousines take them on city tours, shopping or other activities.








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